Just arrived, the famous Australian Outback .243 87 grain

Just arrived, the famous Australian Outback .243 87 grain

Hunters trust Australian Outback to deliver accuracy in any condition and now the famous AOB 87GR CP HORNADY V-MAX is back in stock here in the USA. This is the Varmint round to beat all varmint rounds.

Australian Outback provides shooters with the best quality components when assembling their ammunition and they knows that varmint hunting places extreme demands on bullet performance. Such bullets must be exceptionally accurate to hit small targets, lightly constructed to provide explosive expansion while minimizing ricochets, and lightweight to obtain high velocities with flat trajectories. Sierra BlitzKing® bullets are the standard against which other brands are measured.

This round is part of a new line of ammunition, developed by Australian Outback, that leaves your barrel with the same high velocity at extreme temperature ranges. No matter if it’s scorching hot or freezing cold, Australian Outback ammunition delivers consistent extreme high velocity and ultra-reliability you demand in all shooting circumstances. For the technically minded, it’s called Ballistic Temperature Independence (BTI). But all you really need to know is Australian Outback ammunition will never let you down.

The Hornady bullet's combination of proven materials, innovative design and streamlined profile represents the pinnacle of what a specialized varmint bullet can achieve. Offering straight-line trajectories, enhanced accuracy, dramatic expansion and explosive fragmentation at a wide range of distances and velocities.