Real Australian F1A1 now available in the USA

Real Australian F1A1 now available in the USA

If you never seen real F1A1 in person, this stuff is amazing.

Australian Munitions’ 5.56 mm F1A1 ball ammunition provides consistent performance across an extreme temperature range while minimising visibility of the firing location during use.

Australian Munitions’ 5.56 mm F1A1 ball ammunition is designed to be interoperable with all 5.56 mm calibre NATO weapons and is comparable to other in-service natures such as FN SS109 and US M855 ball cartridges. Tested weapons include EF88, F89 Minimi Light Machine Gun, M16A2 and M4A1 in accordance with the Multi Calibre Manual of Proof and Inspection Procedures.


Length of complete round: 57.4 mm (Max)

Projectile construction: Hardened steel penetrator and leadcore, enclosed in gilding metal jacket

Propellant type: Single base solvent propellant

Cartridge mass: 12.0 g (Nominal)

Projectile mass: 4.0 g (Nominal)

Chamber pressure: Kistler 6215 transducer <405 MPa (Avg)

Accuracy: Avg Std Dev < 100 mm in both horizontal and vertical planes @ 300 m

Muzzle energy: 1,500 J (Min)

Temperature range: -54°C to 80°C


Low muzzle flash and smoke to minimise visible signs of the firing location, when compared to other 5.56 mm ammunition, such as M855 rounds using double base propellant (WC844). This is achieved by matching the projectile with the right propellant formulation in order to achieve the required muzzle velocity, while minimising unburnt propellant before the projectile exits the barrel. This ammo is packaged in 18 50-round plastic-film packs that can be separated into five-round film packs. Includes convenient ammo can. Some of the best made, best packaged and protected ammunition available in the market today built on the same lines as the Australian military ammunition.


Australian Munitions’ 5.56 mm F1A1 ball ammunition offers superior reliability and performance in 5.56 mm calibre rifles in particular the 5.56 mm calibre EF88, Minimi CFNEF89, M16 A2 and M4 A1.


Australian Munitions’ 5.56 mm F1A1 ball ammunition can be supplied in the following standard packaging configurations:

Plastic film pack (900 rounds per M2A1 container)

The 5.56 mm F1A1 ball ammunition will be shipped in packages conforming to UN recommendations for packaging of dangerous goods. The packages are classified as Hazard Division 1.4S, UN Number 0012, Proper Shipping Name - Cartridges, Small Arms.